Step up to the Cloud

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the industry and capturing the attention of business and IT leaders, causing them to reevaluate their IT strategies and identify ways to innovate, differentiate and gain efficiency in their organizations. Today many enterprises are increasingly turning to hybrid clouds to combine the benefits of building private and public clouds as well as leveraging existing IT infrastructure to cut costs, maximize value and modernize the way IT services are delivered.

With Citrix market-leading cloud solutions, you can quickly and easily transform virtualized datacenter resources into automated, elastic, self-service clouds that ensure the best security, performance and reliability whether they are running in the enterprise datacenter or in an external cloud.

Connect your datacenter to any cloud with full transparency, security and performance, making it a seamless extension of your enterprise network.

IT is under growing pressure to take advantage of increasingly ubiquitous and low-cost cloud computing capacity from external cloud and hosting providers. Until now, however, those goals have been difficult to achieve without compromising security, manageability and performance. Citrix CloudBridge instantly makes the cloud more accessible by giving IT organizations an easy way to extend their datacenters and private clouds to a vast array of external cloud services without compromise.

Build public and private clouds the way the world’s most successful clouds are designed – simple, automated, elastic and efficient.

As the market matures, new cloud services are emerging that demand platforms that are purpose-built for cloud computing with requirements that are significantly different from the traditional enterprise datacenters of today. Citrix CloudPlatform is the market leading, open source platform that has been purpose-built and designed from the ground up to deliver multi-tier, multi-tenant services in the simplest way, using virtualization and networking as key enablers to drive best-in-class economics.

Citrix is powering the world’s largest and most successful clouds. Make your move to the cloud, it starts here.